Fierce IT Consulting

Recruiting our DevOps Ninja Army!

Indominus will be hosting a recruiting event to build his DevOps efforts! Later in March, join us to find out about our projects and join forces!
You have skills in mobile apps development, you are a full-stack developer or have SaaS operations skills? Come and compete!

We will publish the event on Eventbrite!

Reaching New Summits as a Team

We are recruiting to create a team from scratch. We have the unique opportunity to ensure that we can totally trust and rely on the person next to us. To pick from the very best. We will have our very own Spartan Team, which will, in return, rock the temple’s foundation.

Drop us a line if you think you have what it takes!


Let the Revolution Soar!

Today, we are an IT consulting agency using emerging approaches.
Tomorrow, we will apply Automation and AI to totally disrupt IT consulting.
Join us, as David prepares to meet Goliath.

Creating a Task-based, Backend Workforce for IT Consulting

We will be creating a Mechanical Turk that will allow a worldwide community to answer our consultants requests for information on a task-based model.

Each tasks will provide a revenue, work hard, well and fast, and you may attain the champion level, which would bring you more exciting tasks and better revenues!

Check back soon to find out more about Indominus Mechanical Turk.

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