About Indominus

Indominus is the latin word for FierceUntamable.

It’s an apt description of the spirit of our founder. An out-of-the-box thinker, he does not accept the de facto order of things. He is always looking for ways to improve processes and gain an edge using new technologies.

To apply Automation and AI to IT operations so that companies can continuously transform and grow.

The end of human-powered IT consulting.

Much like Samurais or Spartans, we need to be fierce and unified. Battles will be fought and courage will be required. We need to be sure we can depend on each other when needed. We are brothers in arms. We stand shoulder to shoulder, shields locked, relentlessly advancing our line. Together, we will be greater than the sum of our parts. We will bring out the best in each other. Honor demands nothing less.