Our Exciting Development Projects

Smart Contracts using Blockchain

Smart contracts using digital signatures and founded on blockchain to prevent tampering. This technology will revolutionize contract management, making business agreements faster, easier and more transparent.

This project is one of the foundations of our business. Our contracts will all use this new approach.

A new AI model

Using our unique Neural Pathways© model, we plan on developing a faster, leaner AI model.

The goal is to have a stable model that is less prone to corruption, thus maximizing its productivity and reducing rebuilds.

Mechanical Turk for Consulting

This system underpins our IT consulting initiative and is a necessary foundation for building our AI, as well.

This system will require community management, payout administration, scoring, gamification, contracts, and more combined into a single fluid entity.

Partner portal

We are building a portal for all of our partners, with distinct functionalities per profile.

This portal will also require financial operations support, through integration with Dynamics 365, Smart Contracts, and our unique Neuron Drive © technology.