Fast & Affordable IT Improvements
Our unique AI-driven platform helps our consultants analyze complex networks and server deployments in minutes instead of months, while eliminating the human error and oversights that plague most efforts.
Our priorities are quality and speed. Technology is the backbone of your organization. When it’s working properly, you don’t have to think about it. We ensure that your internal communications, file storage, and system functionalities are working for you.

Reduce the Noise of IT

We understand that IT, when not working as planned, can create a lot of disruption in your business. We turn down the volume until you can’t hear it anymore.

Helping You Focus on your Business

We ensure your systems are no longer your main worry. By ensuring smooth running, tuned and secured systems, we take them off your risk list.

Effortless Transformation

We seamlessly migrate your systems to the cloud without impacting your users

Ensure Your Security

Our platform can analyze the security of the technology you depend on, notifying your team of any known vulnerabilities and compliance issues before they impact your business.
Get the IT Services You Need, on the Budget You Have
Our platform allows SMBs to get access to IT consulting with the budget they have, and large corporations to get more done with their planned budgets.
Consult our new section: Rapid Assessment Offers.
We analyze and optimize your technology
So you can focus on your business
Indominus Consulting Services

Health Check & Analysis

Let us tell you the state of your infrastructure services and allow you to make the right choices. Discover our new rapid assessment analysis, created specifically for SMBs.

Information Security and Identity Management

We cut through the confusion by facilitating secure business in a digital age and support executive strategy based on risk mitigation and clear objectives.

Cloud Solution Architecture

Any transformation project must start with a clear vision and a solid architecture. When the success of your project depends on it, get the best.

Migration to Office 365

Our certified experts will help you select the proper tools and roll up their sleeves alongside your team to ensure a successful migration. Indominus has your back every step of the way.

Transformation Project Management

Need a great general to lead your team to victory? Unsure how to become Agile? Indominus can provide great leaders that will help make your transformation a success!

Infrastructure Migration to Azure

When your migration plans require a tight execution, call Indominus.
Anytime, Anywhere
Enterprise-level reliability on an SMB budget
We understand that IT is not your core business. We also understand that you need to get more IT for your money. Here is how we will help you close the gap between that perfectly tuned IT system and your current state. Through automation, we will ensure that your systems’ analysis is completed within a few hours, not days or weeks, hours. Then we ensure that our specialized consultants will provide you with all the pain points that we can find in your system, with a clear roadmap on how to remove them and make your IT environment rock solid.
All of this, at a fraction of the price of a standard consultant.
With this solution, we remove the noise currently caused by your IT and replace it with serenity and business focus.
How We Can Help
Remote, On Demand Specialists
As your IT environment is critical to your business we provide the right specialists to provide you with the appropriate dashboards pertaining the health of your IT environment, as well as sound advice to remediate and optimize.
Strategic Planning
With your business model and objectives as starting points, we will craft a transformation plan that will allow you and all your invested parties to transform your business operations into the digital world.
Consulting Services
We maintain a roster of top-notch analysts, solution architects, system integrators or system administrators, all of whom are at your disposal whenever you need them. Our services include Active Directory, Office 365, SQL Server and various technologies.
Executive Security Consulting
Information Security takes focus and an ability to prioritize against conflicting resources. We help you prioritize and stay focused using careful cost and consequence analysis - aspects that are often lost when security is treated as merely a technical challenge.
Our Specialists

Infrastructure Architects
(Cloud and On-Premise)

When we look to move critical workloads to Azure, architecture is a key requirement. We have architects that will allow you to properly plan and supervise the building of your virtual data centre.

System Administrators & Analysts

We have Microsoft specialists to support your physical servers and data centres that will ensure your environment’s stability. Our analysts will support your digital transformation, bring clarity to your operations and provide you with IT solutions.

Cloud Operators

Virtual data centres in the cloud require operators that understand the dynamics and the intricacies of the cloud. We help you make your operations highly available.

From Program Managers to Agile Coaches

Your transformation project needs stewardship and governance? Whether you prefer Agile or Waterfall, we can help.

International grade security specialists

They are former CISO, CSO, and Cyber Security Directors from some of the largest and most highly regulated industries in North America and Europe. Your enterprise data and reputation deserves nothing but the best.
Our Strategic Cloud Development Partner
Our development centre relies on partnership across multiple ecosystems, from Microsoft to Palo Alto. We are connected with the development communities of all platforms that we support.
We have a multifaceted partnership with Microsoft. We are tightly coupled to them from a development point of view, using Azure, Azure DevOps and the One Commercial Partner program.
Indominus is also a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.
Our Cloud and Digital Transformation Partners