Our Mission
Our mission is to apply automation and artificial intelligence to IT operations to help businesses continuously transform and grow.

Indominus is committed to promoting, implementing and nurturing a strong, lasting human-oriented culture within its organization.

Simply put, this means:

  • People over Processes
  • Empowered Individuals over Managed Resources
  • Behaviours, Skills and Judgment over Managerial Rules
  • Freedom, Creativity, Collaboration, Recognition… and Fun!

We use our skills and leading-edge technologies to ensure that any company, whatever its size and location, has access to the IT services necessary in order to become more competitive.

Our Values


  • Your word is your bond
  • You are responsible for your decisions, actions, and behaviour
  • You are known for candour, authenticity, transparency, and fairness
  • You honestly admit your mistakes


  • You debate, argue, object dispassionately and with an open mind
  • You are respectful of the law, not a version that favours us
  • Individuals will not be discriminated based on any form of prejudice, including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political views, and physical condition
  • Equal works means equal pay


  • You do not let reasons stop you from doing what is right and what is required. You find a way.
  • You strive to become a better person, learn how to improve, introspect and take constructive criticism
  • You have the courage of your opinions, even if they may not be politically well received
  • You say what you think when it is in the best interest of Indominus, even if it is uncomfortable
  • You are continuously on the lookout for new ways to use technologies and methods

Professional Values

  • You share information openly and proactively
  • You take appropriate time to listen to others’ viewpoints
  • You do not give nor accept bribes or enticements of any kind
  • You are socially responsible when it comes to making decisions
  • You question actions that are inconsistent with our values

Context Not Control

Our goal is to keep innovating and hand over control to the people who are creating the innovation. The goal of any lead over his team is to provide context and strategic view, then to let the team run with it. Have a "Whatever it takes approach" to problem solving. Provide checkpoints to ensure that we are not veering too much from the objective, alignment, not control. Avoid binding policies

80% project, 20% innovation and growth

Innovation requires time. Time to think, time to try out new ideas. Our goal is to foster innovation, to see wild innovation take flight. To disrupt. 80% of development time is dedicated to your main project, 20% of your week is devoted to create something

We hire brilliant people that want to grow and contribute

We hire brilliant people that want to grow and contribute. Each fellow members must feel empowered rather than restrained through policies. This explains the absence of a vacation policy. We do not believe that there is a need to police vacation; we rather consider that one is able to auto-regulate.

Responsible for the tech we create.

Develop with FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics). Technology in itself is neither good nor bad. We want to make sure that we are accountable for the technologies we develop, ensuring that it is fair, transparent and that it follows an ethical behavior.
Our Management Team

René-Sylvain Bédard

[Founder & CEO]

Jonathan Ginter

Consultants & Developers
Innovative Collaboration
Indominus is working to revolutionize IT Consulting. Our team is made up of an internal group of developers and IT professionals working on AI powered software that will dramatically improve the consulting.   

If you’re interested in working on a multi-platform team applying AI and Blockchain to optimize the consulting industry, or you are an early adopter, tech-savvy consultant who wants to optimize your work by using our services, Indominus is the place for you.  

Located in the heart of Montreal, we are a multi-cultural team of individuals, excited about leveraging technology to help businesses everywhere.