VICC is Like Having 1000 Consultants in the Palm of Your Hand
VICC is a virtual consulting platform that allows you to reach unparalleled efficiency. No longer do you need to be located in large city centers to receive enterprise-level consultants. No longer will your transformation projects be delayed due to a shortage of IT talent.
Our virtual consultants will be available for your projects anytime, anywhere.
Increasing Accessibility & Affordability
Small to medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the Canadian economy. Indominus works to ensure they have access to the IT consulting they need.
In order to stay competitive in today’s market, companies are forced to increase the effectiveness of their technology. The experts who can help them do this are in high demand and often prohibitively expensive.
The IT services market in Canada is expected to grow from $55 billion to $64 billion in 2023. This number does not take into account all the smaller companies that do not receive any services from IT consulting agencies. Using our software, smaller companies will get their fair share.
From public to private, small to large businesses, everyone needs IT consulting at some point.
Convenience of a Service, Efficiency of a Software
Many companies are unable to face the rising cost and growing waiting lists from most expert IT consulting agencies. VICC, our virtual consultant powered by AI and the cloud, is built to fulfill your IT consulting needs. VICC is priced per minute, not per hour, and runs at machine speeds. It makes expert level solutions possible at lower cost.
Virtual Interactive Cloud-Powered Consultant
Anytime, Anywhere
Affordable & Available for any business size
Indominus is helping businesses access the expert consulting that until now has been reserved for big corporations with big budgets.
A next generation agency
Indominus is a state-of-the-art technology development centre. Our IT Consultants are industry leaders, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re developing Software as a Service (SaaS) that reduces the cost of IT Consulting and makes it more accessible to people outside of urban centres. 

Increase IT Performance

Our virtual IT consultant is reliable, highly available, affordable, and fast. No matter where you are, we can help your company evolve.

Flexible Consumption

When is the last time your IT consulting bill made you smile? With reasonable per-minute pricing rates, we're democratizing IT consulting (and making you smile).

On-line Access

With VICC you can see exactly what's happening in real time. Through our SaaS dashboards, we're making consulting more transparent.

The latest Technology

By combining the vast knowledge of IT experts with cloud computing and artificial intelligence, we're pushing the limits of what consultants can do.

VICC Consulting Partners

Through this program, other consulting agencies will be able to integrate their branding, their work methodologies and their document templates to resell VICC services. VICC Consulting Partners can be selected by customers and entrusted with mandates.

VICC Intelligence Partners

Platform manufacturers will be invited to share intelligence and knowledge about their products, allowing VICC to learn about them. Intelligence partners will have access to statistics about their products within the VICC partner portal.

VICC Tools Partners

Tool manufacturers will be invited to become tool providers within the VICC ecosystem. They will be required to provide VICC with product intelligence, pricing tables and discount rates to ensure that we can supply customers with the costs of various options.
How Does VICC Work?

VICC is a cloud-based platform where you can register your organization in a secure, protected environment and then launch consulting projects. These projects will be controlled by our AI-driven engine in the cloud and will be executed by an appliance that is installed in your local network. If you have multiple network domains or sites, you can install an appliance in each one. Communication is always outbound from the appliances to the cloud using standard web protocols and ports, so there is no change to any firewalls.

In order to securely talk with your services, we are deploying an on-site virtual appliance for which there is no need to alter any firewall rules. It will be your official, secured and reliable bridge between our cloud services and your private servers.
Security & Privacy

We understand that your data is sensitive. One of our missions is to protect that data and we take that mission very seriously. We create a dedicated storage area within the cloud for each customer using top-level encryption and monitoring, ensuring compliance with the latest security standards and an architecture that was designed by specialists. Your data remains under your control at all times with on-demand auditing. Most importantly, your data will never be sold or given out to third parties under any circumstances.

AI & Cognitive Services

As our system performs mandates in your environment, our AI algorithms will learn how to optimize the mandates to become more efficient, saving you even more time and money. Eventually, this knowledge will be able to generate smart recommendations in terms of architecture, security, and other concerns.

Over time, we will be rolling out integrations with smart devices and services that will allow you to get status reports and make adjustments while at home using smart speakers from Amazon, Google, or Apple, or even while driving using voice recognition services like Siri.

We also want to plan to ensure that we can integrate with services such as Cortana, Alexa or Siri, in order to make your life easier. That way, if you need a status report while driving, VICC will be able to answer you without taking your eyes off the road.
Billing, Invoicing & Payment

We have a simple consumption-based approach, allowing you to pay monthly for the minutes you’ve used. We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, or through a prepaid bank of minutes under our Enterprise Agreement model

You can pay with either your credit card, PayPal or through a prepaid bank of minutes under our Enterprise Agreement model.
Our virtual analyst will bring clarity to the darkest corners of your IT infrastructure. You want to know more about VICC? Don't hesitate, contact us!
Mechanical Turk
We are creating a task-based outsourcing community, which will allow our customers to give out micro-mandates. Those micro-mandates, that cannot be achieved automatically by AI, will be filled by the community, for a lower rate. Applying Mechanical Turk principles to IT consulting.
Smart Contracts
We are defining the next open standard for digital contract negotiation. We are removing the guesswork, paperwork and handling of IT consulting contracts. This new open standard is currently being drafted and will soon include specialists to refine it.