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Indominus Call To Action

Today, I choose to follow my heart and pursue my passion, which is why I am pleased to announce the official launch of Indominus. It is a consulting firm that wants to be an agent of change, a disruption of our industry.

[ August 15, 2018 ]
Startup Open House Montreal 2018

We can feel it! The energy surrounding Indominus is awesome! We are receiving daily doses of resumes of high quality professionals that want to join in! We have new consultants ready to bring answers to your challenges.

[ August 30, 2018 ]
A Record For Mandates

September has seen a plethora of new mandates!! We have proposed over 15 new consultants! Should they all be accepted this means that Indominus will grow 4 times!! THANK YOU!

[ October 2, 2018 ]
Christmas and An Anniversary

From all of us at Indominus, we wanted to wish you only the best for the upcoming holidays. May you have health, happiness, and lots of rest. We know what is coming next year, and yes, you will need it.

[ January 31, 2019 ]
The Role of IT Consulting in Digital Transformation

Join our IT consulting event! 2 industry experts will discuss the role of IT Consulting in digital transformation, how we can take the standard business model and automate it, and bring it to the cloud to do more with less.

[ January 31, 2019 ]
Consulting in the age of IT Transformation

Consultants, now a rare breed, with more projects than they can handle, need to stay informed and relevant in this era of constant product evolution. How do you remain a SME in your field when giants such as Microsoft and Amazon are launching hundreds, sometimes thousands of...

[ March 5, 2019 ]
Upcoming Events
July 14-18, Las Vegas
Microsoft Inspire
We will be present in Las Vegas, in the US at the largest Microsoft partner event: Inspire! We will take advantage of this great event to reconnect our partner network and to discover the latest technical opportunities! Can't wait to meet your there!<br /> All details of the event are here: https://inspire.microsoft.com