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Rapid Assess
Active Directory

Is your identity secure enough?

We will confirm the necessary steps for securing your Active Directory environment.

Whether you realize it or not, access to your systems, your data, as well as your operations, depend on successfully managing your company’s credentials vault. Active Directory contains the keys to your kingdom and is a primary target for ransomware and hackers.


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Rapid Assess

How is your email system doing?

We will give you a precise picture of the health of your messaging infrastructure as well as the steps to secure it and bring it into the 21st century.

Whether you are undergoing an audit or engaged in planning, your messaging infrastructure is an important entry point. We can help you uncover your most dangerous areas of vulnerability.

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Rapid Assess
Security Posture

How secured is your data?

Are you running a perimeter security model or an information access security model? Are there passwords on post-it on the IT team cubicles? If you don’t know where your data is and who is accessing it, there is a good chance trouble is coming your way.

Let us give you a clear view of where you stand and where you should be.

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Office 365
Pre-migration analysis

Are you ready for Office 365?

We will assess the readiness of your IT systems for Office 365 .

A careful analysis at the start of any project can reduce support costs by a factor of 10 both during and after project delivery.

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Azure Infrastructure
pre-liftoff checkup

Is your infrastructure ready?

We will assess the readiness of your infrastructure to move to Azure.

Whether you’re migrating your server farm, monitoring your infrastructure, managing virtual workstations, or just creating site redundancy, we can assess the true cost of Azure.

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